Good Stuff · April 6, 2021

AlmaLinux to the Rescue

IBM/Redhat made the controversial decision to suddenly change the Cenots 8 EOL can convert Centos 8 to a rolling update, similar to Fedora, putting it AHEAD of RedHat Enterprise 8 in terms of versioning and compatibility. This posed problems for hosting providers and standardized control panels like cPanel and Plesk.

Now, RedHat is still required to publish its source due to licensing requirements for the software it uses, so technically, its possible to rebuild it just like Centos did before it was acquired by IBM and that is just what the people at CloudLinux decided to do.

After only a few month, they’ve managed to Launch AlmaLinux and get it to stable release. At the same time, cPanel worked to get their systems to work within the new naming structure and their systems were ready to go day one as well.

We rolled out a bare metal server running AlmaLinux 8 and cPanel on release day and can report back that everything is working flawlessly.